Stuck in a terrible job? How to maintain confidence and self-belief

Being trapped in a job you hate doesn’t have to be a life sentence

I received this email the other day from a lovely lady I once coached. After coaching she gained the courage to complete a tertiary qualification in an area she felt passionate about – career guidance. The only thing was that she graduated at the front end of the recession and everybody was cutting back. Desperate to get a job and shift off the Domestic Purposes Benefit she took the first think going. Everything seemed good for a while but then I received this email:

I am wondering what to do and you are the first person I can think of. I have never been in such a terrible job in all my life. I have transferred to another branch to see if things work better there for the three of us (girls and myself).  Today was my first day and I came home in tears. The way the staff treat other staff is appalling. I have never worked in such a dysfunctional organisation.

Once again I am starting to loose confidence. I am at a stage of wanting any job as long it is not there. I even think about going back to my old job but I would still have the same care issues for the girls – shift work etc.

I am feeling really stuck and look at all your books you gave me and can’t seem to help myself. Now I can relate to others who can’t stand the job they are in. The other thing is I never want to go back on the DPB and have anything to do with this company again.

Stuck in a terrible job? How to maintain confidence and self-belief and make a move for the better

  1. During stressful times such as this it is hard to help yourself. One of the first things I’d recommend doing is accessing the Employee Assistance Programme that your workplace most certainly has – you should be able to gain the help of an experienced counsellor – try and ask for one with experience in careers – to help you work on a way forward.
  2. I’d also recommend you contact your networks and proactively start putting out the word that you’d like to make a change. Be positive though – no one likes to hear the low-down on what’s not working where you are. In a case like the above you can also say something like, “my values and their values were at opposite ends of the spectrum. I want to work for an organisation that values their workers and cares about what they do.”
  3. Re  social assistance like the DPB, sickness and  and unemployment benefit – it is there to help should happiness at work seem out of reach – remember it is about well-being and family first – not pride or whatever else makes  you feel  you had to take a job or remain in a  toxic workplace in the first place
  4. If you’re not reading self-help books – start reading them now. Sometimes it’s just one sentence, one word in a book that can transform your life. They may not be the total answer but a well-written book may be part of the solution
  5. Attitude counts – it make seem trite, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. How can you use your current  experience constructively? I know when I was in a similar situation my passion for helping people in similar situations led me to my life purpose – coaching and writing books and articles to help others?

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