How to handle setbacks: three ways to self-sooth your way back to happiness

self-soothing Linus-300x295-300x295One of the most common questions I get asked—and questions people who answered The Art of Success questionnaire, said they would ask Leonardo da Vinci too—is how do we keep going in the face of obstacles? What gives us persistence?
One of the essential things is that believe your goal or dream is worth fighting for. Do you want it bad enough? Does it fill your soul with fire? Without passion in your heart you won’t have energy,making it hard to get started—let along to keep going.
But even with a fire in your belly, you need to fan the flames of desire with a healthy dose of optimism and lavish doses of self-soothing in the face of setbacks.
I’m just like you. I feel defeated sometimes. Worn out. Frustrated. And sometimes I wonder if it’s all just too hard.
Yesterday my website crashed and the software I’ve been using to write my book, The Art of Success, due for release this month (July 2016), froze preventing me from doing any further writing or editing.
I had no idea how to fix these problems. But instead of becoming despondent—or rather, after allowing myself a natural period of despondency, frustration, and despair, I set about working out how I was going to fix the problems.
One of my clients faced similar obstacles to success. Find out how we succeeded here >>

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