How to heal with colour – creating joy with creativity

(Painting “Autumn Leaves” by Cassandra Gaisford)

I wrote this poem while on a Myers Briggs workshop one gloomy Saturday. It was a very stream of consciousness/intuitive process designed to help me break out of my analytical mind and embrace my feeling side. The Myers Briggs tool is a personality preference indicator tool designed to help build self-awareness, self-acceptance and foster personal growth. It’s a great tool that I use a lot in my coaching practice.

Here’s what I “created” that day. What surprised me more than anything was the rush of people who came forth asking if they could write the poem down. Clearly something resonated with them. Maybe it will resonate with you.

Autumn Leaves

Irregular leaves fall scattered and forlorn to the ground

Abandoned or abandoning the life force which sustained

And yet…

Behold the majesty, the brilliance of the colour and form retained


For I say until you

“You are perfection




waiting to be found”

(Poem by Cassandra Gaisford)
While searching for a photo to go with this post I remembered the first abstract painting I ever did – funnily enough also  called Autumn Leaves.

Once again it was a very intuitive, non-rational linear process.

So how, I hear you say, does this relate to healing with colour?

  • Following your intuitive guidance to live a life more colourful
  • Notice the colours that you feel drawn to and note which ones empower, nurture, protect or inspire you
  • Suspend rational, linear thinking – trust the guidance of your heart
  • Surround yourself with nature’s beauty
  • Allow art to heal your soul – it may be writing, singing, painting, cooking, building  or some other creative endeavour
  • Banish black – or at least keep it to a bare minimum as nature does

My painting of Autumn Leaves was purchased my a wonderful  man at the first exhibition I had – aptly named Joy’ance – creating joy through creativity! Read more about how this painting was created here

You can see more of my paintings and photography here

You may also find this science based article on why leaves change colour:

New clue that autumn leaf colours are defensive weapon: via @addthis

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